Mr Wong Introducing our Founder and Managing Director Mr. Winston S.C. Wong's success in his thirty five years' corporate journey and finally in the MLM industry....
  • Holds a Graduate Diploma in Business Studies and Masters of Business Administration and a Member of The Malaysian Institute of Management.
  • Studied paper making technology at Australian Pulp and Paper Mills in Bernie, Tasmania, Australia
  • Studied Graphic Printing Technology at Lettergeterij Amsterdam, Holland
  • Former President of the Manufacturing Division of MBF Holdings Bhd. A Public Listed Company in Malaysia with operations in Asia Pacific Region.

Mr. Wong has vast experience in the manufacturing and industrial sectors as well as in marketing; after his tenure with the MBf Group of Companies in 1993, he ventured into the promotion of various industrial projects in China with his French partner as well as setting up his own trading and paper converting business in Malaysia. Their activities in China resulted in the setting up of a 3-ply parquet wood manufacturing plant worth approximately the southern island of Hainan.

In view of his experience and contributions towards society as well as being a well respected businessman, he was elected to head the following Associations:
  • Past President of the Malaysian Rubber Glove Manufacturers' Association. 1991 - 1998 (Two Terms)
  • Past President of the Malaysian Paper Merchants' Association. 2001 - 2004 (Two Terms)
  • Chairman of the Parent Teachers' Association in Seafield Secondary School, Subang Jaya, Malaysia. (1994 - 1997)
  • Vice President and Managing Director of the Institute of Printing, U.K. (Malaysian Branch) 1997 - 2001. Providing vocational education from digital graphics to offset lithography.
Mr. Wong was involved in the Multi-Level Marketing industry since 2001 and in a short span of about two and a half years, he became the top leader and trainer/speaker in the MLM Company in Malaysia with a network in 5 countries across the Asia Pacific region.

Mr. Wong's passion in the MLM industry resulted in the incorporation of MLM Academy Sdn. Bhd. in order to provide an opportunity to people who were not able to further their studies due to financial or other circumstances when they were younger and also more importantly, to raise the level of professionalism of the MLM industry whereby people involved in the industry is able to make the correct choices and can lift their head up and be proud of their MLM career.

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