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This programme is to encourage, promote and develop a standard of excellence in business pratice, which can contribute and add value to the well-being of nations and their people.

Professional Training Programme:

    1) New Entrepreneur Programme.
    2) Leadership Training Programme.
    3) Beginning Your Business Programme.
    4) Speaker Training Programme.

Adding Value and Knowledge of how to build a MLM business professionally.

Programme Outcomes:

  • Ability to aspire leaders in the MLM/Direct Selling industry.
  • Capability to create a team of leaders with clear intentions and objectives in building a long term MLM business.
  • Ability to cater for new members who have joined the MLM Industry or for those looking for new solutions to improving their business.
  • Understanding and covers both the mental and physical aspects of a Speaker including the various discipline that are required being a Speaker.

"Improve Your Efficiency To Reduce Your Dependency" ~ Winston Wong

Most people in general see the industry in the wrong perspective because they hear lots of negative information about the industry, especially from people who have given up "trying". Like we used to says, bad news is "good news" and good news is no news. True?

This Free eBook is the Ultimate resource to building a great organization in network marketing - The New Profession.

You will learn:

  • Why a Misunderstood Industry?
  • Statistics Speak for Themselves.
  • Is it a Pyramid?
  • MLM Entrepreneurs.
  • The Smart Business Model.
  • Accelerated Distribution and Cash Flow.
  • The Right Choice.
  • The Journey to Success.
  • Managing Change.
  • Spreading Economic Risks.
  • Budgets and Cash Flows.
  • Building Human Capital.

And Many more interesting experiences from the writer.........


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